Revues. Director, producer, writer, actor
The Boer War Foot & Mouth Deserter’s Revue. Adelaide. 1969
Stage plays: Black Comedy. Trevor.  Arts Theatre. Adelaide 1970
Richmond Players. Various plays. London 1970
Formed school touring group Playing Possum. Victoria 1978
New Theatre Daytime. Actor. Melbourne 1978-79
KTV 6. Kalangadoo. Cabaret. Melbourne. Six week season
Last Laugh. Not The Full Quid. Staff cabaret 1980
Roly and Sonya Parks. Ya wouldn’t read about it. Melbourne Comedy Festival 1981
Roly and Sonya Parks. Live at the Town Hall.  Melbourne Comedy Festival 1982
Trial of Malcolm X. Ross Campbell. Melbourne Comedy Festival 1987
A Night with Clarke & Dawe. Melbourne Writers Festival


Australian Song Festival. With Steve Groves On the Loose Again Winner. http://
World Song Festival 3rd. With Steve Groves
1975-1985 With Steve Groves. Australia and United Kingdom 
Various songs for radio program Don’t get off your bike ABC Radio National


Wrote and performed weekly satirical sketch 3AW With Jody Seidel.
Wrote and produced at 3RRR FM
Roly and Sonya Parks. Wrote, performed and produced
Roly and Sonya Parks. 3RRR. Five part series
Not the Full Quid. 3RRR. Five part series
Roly and Sonya Parks. You wouldn’t read about it. ABC national weekly series 1986-1991
Head of ABC Radio Comedy. Two years. Produced: John Clarke. Let the blood run free. Various sketches, series
Included own work:
On the Smell of an Oily Rag. The European Odyssey. ABC 27 half hours. Recorded in Europe. With Jody Seidel
Looking Back on it. Roly Parks. 12 episodes. ABC nationally. Wrote and performed. Letter from Kalangadoo
Roly Parks. Weekly National ABC Local radio. Wrote and performed 1987-2006
Trains & Boats & Planes. Nine part ABC radio series 2010

Sir Murray Rivers QC. Wrote and performed
Radio National Breakfast Regular Fridays. Richard Ackland
Rivers & Wright. Tony Wright. Weekly National ABC Local Radio
Rivers & Dawe. Weekly National ABC Local radio. Four years
Clarke & Dawe. A Current Affair & 7.30 Report Interviews. ABC nationally. 
Don’t get off ya bike. 198? Radio National. 24 x 40 minute programs. Wrote, directed and produced. Played Darcy Dobson
I told you I was ill. ABC Radio Live. Melbourne


Clarke & Dawe. A Current Affair and 7.30 Report Interviews. ABC nationally. 198?- Fast Forward. Writer, performer. Two years
Backberner. Writer. Script Editor
Frontline. With John Clarke
Wrote Worksafe series commercials


Lust and Revenge 
The Castle
The Honourable Wally Norman
In Heaven Tonight


Weekly column: Rivers QC. Business Review Weekly. Two years.
Monthly column: Rivers QC. Firefighters union. Two years
Various travel articles The Age newspaper 


ARIA Award for Best Australian Comedy Record 
Award in 1990 for Great Interviews of the Twentieth Century.
Australian Centenary Medal in the 2001 Queen's New Years Honours List for services to the arts as an actor
Australian Song Festival. Winner. With Steve Groves
World Song Festival. 3rd. With Steve Groves
New York Radio Awards. Letter from Kalangadoo
New York Radio Awards. Best commercial. Workspace series 



Festival Records 1963-64
Manager Arndale Record Store, Adelaide 1965-1969
Manager Disqui Records, London 1970
Brash's Music Sales, Melbourne 1971
Victorian Promotion Manager, Astor Records 1972
National Promotion Manager, Astor Records 1972-1976


Designed and led group tours:
1. Budapest to Jordan via Poland, Romania, Turkey and Syria 
2. Syria and Jordan