The Art of Catching Trains

Train Conductor - Prague

As a child, Bryan Dawe's backyard were the wharves, the Port river and the sight of steam locomotives ploughing their final journeys from the docks of Port Adelaide to the city of Adelaide. Born next to a busy rail line, Bryan fell in love with rail travel early and the fascination has never ceased. He has travelled on trains across Australia, Western and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Morocco and Iran. In September 2013 he returned from a five and a half day train journey from Vancouver across the Rockies to Toronto then down to New York.

In a fascinating and humorous multi-media presentation, Bryan takes his audience on a story telling journey covering almost 60 years of train travel. Awaking the audience’s love of trains he tantalises them with the suggestion they forget flying when there is a choice of a journey by train, encouraging them to take their time, their wine, a block of cheese and their friends on a veritable 'train picnic'.

Perfect as an after dinner presentation.

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