Sir Murray Rivers QC

Sir Murray Rivers QC (retired) is one of Australia's most controversial legal and political figures. He is a former Victorian Supreme Court Judge and an outspoken media commentator, often described unkindly, and he believes unfairly,  as ‘The Graham Richardson of the Liberal Party’.

His forthright speech Looking back to the future - Looking forward to the past: Australia under an Abbott Government as a senior Liberal insider, not only outlines what's in store for the colony but what the Labor Party has done (or not done) to bring about its own demise.

His Honour salutes her Gracious Maj. Melbourne Club

This is a hilariously clever, insightful, thirty minutes of political humour and wit which is so politically incorrect it will annoy or satisfy in equal measure. No-one of either political persuasion escapes unscathed. This is political satire the way only Bryan can deliver.

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Sir Murray Rivers QC  |  The War on Terrorism

Bryan Dawe speaks with Sir Murray Rivers QC