One of Australia’s finest political satirists, Bryan Dawe has enjoyed a long, successful career writing and performing on national radio, television, stage and film. Bryan received the Australian Centenary Medal in the 2001 Queen's New Year’s Honour List for ‘Services to the acting profession’.

John Clarke & Bryan Dawe

Best known for his collaboration with John Clarke on ABC television, the Clarke & Dawe segment is now in its 27th year, one of the longest running spots on Australian television.

Bryan was a cast member and writer of the critically acclaimed and highly successful spoof of the Sydney Olympics, the ABC TV series The Games. He was also a writer on the first two series of Fast Forward on Channel 7. His film credits include the Australian hit comedy The Castle, The Honorable Wally Norman and Paul Cox’s Lust and Revenge.

On stage and national ABC radio for over 20 years, Bryan has been writing and performing two much loved satirical characters: Sir Murray Rivers QC and Roly Parks  with his Letters from Kalangadoo. Bryan received many awards for both characters, including a New York Radio award.

An inveterate traveller, Bryan has written many travel articles and has conducted tours to Eastern Europe, Syria and Jordan which he has an ongoing love of, and commitment to.

Bryan’s sharp wit and erudite observations, together with his flexibility, unique performances and talks, make him an excellent addition to any corporate event seeking an intelligent Keynote speaker. His talents lend themselves to conference speaker, after dinner entertainer, Master of Ceremonies, facilitator, or hypothetical writer and moderator. 

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A Satirist’s Journey

From the grim educational pickings of working class Port Adelaide in the 1950’s and 60's, surviving the advice of his alleged ‘Career Advisory Officer’, Bryan escaped from high school at 15 and went on to become one of Australia's finest humorists. His journey has resembled the comment of fellow humorist, the late Spike Milligan, who said of his life 'I have nothing organised, so nothing can go wrong'.

At school, Bryan's expressed desire to write, perform, work on radio or become a Barrister was quickly dismissed by his Career Advisory Officer on the basis that he came from the “wrong background”. Despite this advice, Bryan went on to write, direct and perform on radio, stage, film and television for over 35 years. He also eventually became a Barrister - ‘Sir Murray Rivers QC’. To the chagrin of his Career Advisory Officer, not only did Bryan create a lawyer, he made him a Judge and knighted Sir Murray as well! In late 2012 and early 2013, Bryan was the keynote speaker at the South Australian and the Victorian Bar Association’s dinners. He was given a standing ovation on both occasions.

A Satirist’s Journey is a highly amusing and at times poignant story (and a cautionary tale for those taking advice from a School Advisory Officer) in which we also meet Bryan’s two endearing characters: Roly Parks from Kalangadoo and the outrageous Sir Murray Rivers QC. In a hilarious interview “via satellite from Canberra”, Bryan interviews ‘Sir Murray Rivers’ (on screen). His Honour provides a very opinionated update on how the Federal Government is going under Prime Minister Abbott. It is a clever piece of multi-media illusion that has the audience in stitches.  |  Find out more

Sir Murray Rivers QC

Sir Murray Rivers QC

Sir Murray Rivers QC (retired) is one of Australia's most controversial legal and political figures. He is a former Victorian Supreme Court Judge and an outspoken media commentator, often described unkindly, and he believes unfairly,  as ‘The Graham Richardson of the Liberal Party’.

His forthright speech Looking back to the future - Looking forward to the past: Australia under an Abbott Government as a senior Liberal insider, not only outlines what's in store for the colony but what the Labor Party has done (or not done) to bring about its own demise.

This is a hilariously clever, insightful, thirty minutes of political humour and wit which is so politically incorrect it will annoy or satisfy in equal measure. No-one of either political persuasion escapes unscathed. This is political satire the way only Bryan can deliver.   |  Find out more

The Art of Catching Trains

As a child, Bryan Dawe's backyard were the wharves, the Port river and the sight of steam locomotives ploughing their final journeys from the docks of Port Adelaide to the city of Adelaide. Born next to a busy rail line, Bryan fell in love with rail travel early and the fascination has never ceased. He has travelled on trains across Australia, Western and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Morocco and Iran. In September 2013 he returned from a five and a half day train journey from Vancouver across the Rockies to Toronto then down to New York.

In a fascinating and humorous multi-media presentation, Bryan takes his audience on a story telling journey covering almost 60 years of train travel. Awaking the audience’s love of trains he tantalises them with the suggestion they forget flying when there is a choice of a journey by train, encouraging them to take their time, their wine, a block of cheese and their friends on a veritable 'train picnic'.

Perfect as an after dinner presentation.  |  Find out more

Humorist Reads Humor

Bryan presents 45-60 minutes of his favourite humor. From the short, nonsensical press briefings by former Bush Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, to conversations from the late Sir David Frost with the equally late English satirist, Peter Cook, readings from Spike Milligan and Alan Bennett, to the short stories of American humorist, Bailey White and her utterly charming and funny accounts of life with her eccentric mother in southern America. These, combined with a sprinkling of Bryan's own humoros performances of his two satirical characters, Roly Parks from Kalangadoo and the doyen of the Melbourne Club, Sir Murray Rivers QC, all add up to a very entertaining and funny performance. | Find out more

Roly Parks - Letter from Kalangadoo

Roly Parks

Roly Parks

One of Bryan's most endearing and beloved characters, Roly Park's, lives in a town called Kalangadoo - a real town in the South East of Australia. Each week Roly writes a letter to his son, Gene, who is gay and lives in London with his partner, Ahmed, a Moroccan ballet dancer formerly with the Royal Ballet. The letters are about Roly’s life in Kalangadoo and about how Roly views the world as a bright but elderly man living in a small town. The 'Letters' are ironic and humorous but also deeply touching.

The stories range from his ongoing encounters with his former wife of fifty years, Sonya, to his run-ins with the town gossip Beryl Coates, or with the hilarious attempt to bury the ashes of his best mate ‘Bull’ Devine.

This is Australian story telling at its finest. A thoroughly entertaining forty five minutes by one of Australia’s finest humorists. Dealing with aging, facing your maker and trying to stay afloat in a world that bears no resemblance to the one Roly Parks grew up in. Roly’s not complaining about the changes, he’s just trying - like all of us - to make sense of it. Perfect for an audience not forty any more who enjoy a belly laugh and a bit of comfort in knowing that it's not just them that can't make sense of the world today.

Client Feedback

"Bryan in his character as Sir Murray Rivers QC was the most perfect fit you could find for a function at the Bar.  He was of course hilarious but he was clever, insightful, professional  and right on the mark. 

Our audience had all been at a conference all day and needed a laugh.  That the humour was balanced with intelligence and relevance was perfect for our audience.

Sir Murray Rivers is the product of a brilliant mind. He had our audience in fits of laughter from start to finish. The political barbs, the cleverly turned phrases and the perfect timing and delivery made for one of the most entertaining performances I have seen. Sir Murray is bombastic, outspoken, highly politically incorrect... and a complete and utter delight."
The Victorian Bar Annual CPD Conference Dinner

Bryan's performance was top class, Sir Murray Rivers red carded the Mayor! Bryan is a very talented and funny man ! It was a pleasure to have Bryan and Sir Murray at the World Environment Day Dinner and we hope in the future he will come again”
City of Greater Geelong

"Bryan was more than excellent; he was absolutely brilliant. Our delegates were still talking about his performance the next day and how much they had enjoyed it.”
Credit Union Services Corporation

"Bryan's Sir Murray Rivers QC act was just as funny as the first time I saw it. He was very well received by the guests at the CMC Chamber Mayoral Ball in Hervey Bay."
Civil Mining and Construction

"A masterful performance... The evening was enjoyed by all, with lots of comments on the skill and humour of Bryan."
Austin Health

"Bryan was certainly the right choice of speaker for our business forum. We have received extremely positive feedback from our attending guests on Sir Murray River’s appearance, rated very highly.  Sir Murray River certainly captured the essence of our event and delivered a very well research performance that hit the spot with our Executives and guests." 
Westpac Business Network 

"The gift of your brilliance and wit was wonderful and your contribution was the highlight of the evening. The pace and sharpness of your wit and observations left everyone breathless from laughter and longing for more.”
Cystic Fibrosis Association of Victoria

"Bryan was a delight, not only to the audience but also in his dealings with myself before the event began. Professional, very approachable, had the audience captivated and in fits of laughter. Contents of performance from wording, dress, makeup and approach to the crowd could not be faulted. Wonderful that he took the time to meet our Chairman and CEO before the performance and mingled with the crowd afterwards. Cannot speak highly enough.”
Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority

"Bryan was fantastic and really hit the right note with the audience. He tapped into the upcoming federal election extremely well and also engaged with the audience. The feedback forms we have received suggest it was a very successful evening for all."
Society of Consumer Affairs & Professionals