A Satirist's Journey

From the grim educational pickings of working class Port Adelaide in the 1950’s and 60's, surviving the advice of his alleged ‘Career Advisory Officer’, Bryan escaped from high school at 15 and went on to become one of Australia's finest humorists. His journey has resembled the comment of fellow humorist, the late Spike Milligan, who said of his life 'I have nothing organised, so nothing can go wrong'.

At school, Bryan's expressed desire to write, perform, work on radio or become a Barrister was quickly dismissed by his Career Advisory Officer on the basis that he came from the “wrong background”. Despite this advice, Bryan went on to write, direct and perform on radio, stage, film and television for over 35 years. He also eventually became a Barrister - ‘Sir Murray Rivers QC’. To the chagrin of his Career Advisory Officer, not only did Bryan create a lawyer, he made him a Judge and knighted Sir Murray as well! In late 2012 and early 2013, Bryan was the keynote speaker at the South Australian and the Victorian Bar Association’s dinners. He was given a standing ovation on both occasions.

A Satirist’s Journey is a highly amusing and at times poignant story (and a cautionary tale for those taking advice from a School Advisory Officer) in which we also meet Bryan’s two endearing characters: Roly Parks from Kalangadoo and the outrageous Sir Murray Rivers QC. In a hilarious interview “via satellite from Canberra”, Bryan interviews ‘Sir Murray Rivers’ (on screen). His Honour provides a very opinionated update on how the Federal Government is going under Prime Minister Abbott. It is a clever piece of multi-media illusion that has the audience in stitches.

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