Born in Port Adelaide. Played football and cricket a lot. Represented S.A. schoolboys football 1961. Escaped Woodville High at 15. Music industry in Adelaide until 21. Left Adelaide for London. Returned 1972 moved to Melbourne. Next four years was Senior Executive for Lunch & Dinner assisting Astor Records and music industry in supporting Australian wine industry and restaurants across Australia. Retired hurt, travelled and wrote songs for next ten years. Wrote for ABC radio. Made head of Radio Comedy Unit for four years - only person in unit. Performed Roly Parks and Sir Murray Rivers QC for the past 27 years.

Met Mr John Clarke. Spent next 27 years with aforementioned trying to get politicians to put their hands up on the table where we could all see them. Hasn't worked thus far but will keep trying. We live in hope. 
Inveterate traveller and photographer.

See Curriculum Vitae for full catastrophe.